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Blend & Shine Foundation

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Absolutely yes, Flicka’s Blend & Shine foundation delivers smooth & dewy finish for 18 hours. Foundation has an oil-absorbing properties .It suits all skin types. For extremely dry skin, we suggest prepping skin well and using a rich Moisturizer to keep your skin barrier intact and hydrated which allows makeup to go smooth.

This long-wear foundation is dermatologically tested and it’s absolutely safe on acne prone skin. Foundation is loaded with skin boosting ingredients like Avocado oil, Vitamin E and SPF. You can use it to conceal and minimize redness, acne scars and the gentle, non-irritating foundation formula works well.

FLiCKA’s Foundation is enriched with SPF and offers sun protection. Hydrating and protecting qualities combined with the wide range of shades make this foundation perfect for daily use.

Yes, this foundation is loaded with SPF and other skin boosting ingredients.

This foundation has a creamy texture that easily spreads over the skin. Although it has been designed for oily and combination skin types, it can work for dry skin provided you prep your skin properly. We recommend applying a hydrating serum or moisturizer before priming and applying foundation.

This range of FLiCKA Masterstroke Makeup Stick includes 5 shades. Find a suitable pick for your skin tone down below: • Ivory: Fair skin • Beige: Fair to Medium skin • Caramel: Medium skin • Walnut: Dusky skin • Coffee: Dusky skin and also used for contouring If you're stuck between two shades and can't figure out which one is the better match, we suggest going with the lighter option. You can always use a bronzer to deepen the shade.

Flicka’s Blend & Shine foundation is loaded with skin Boosting ingredients like Avocado oil, Vitamin E and SPF. Can be used as a good makeup base and also allows the skin to shine.