How to hide dark circles

How to hide dark circles

    Yes, these tips will give you the best-ever camouflage for dark circles. So read on to know our little makeup secret for dark circles, and get ready to conceal, and conceal some more!
    Step 1: Prep your skin
    Before using any concealer on your face, you’ll want to prep your skin. Use an under-eye cream by applying a pea-sized amount on your ring finger and gently massage it under your eyes. This hydrates your skin making sure you avoid any creases.

    Step 2: Conceal

    For your concealer, use a color that is 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation. Use the Cover Story Liquid Concealer by FLiCKA and apply it in an upside-down triangle. Starting under your eyes and blending it in. The tip of the triangle can end in the same line as the bridge of your nose and blend in an outward motion towards your face. After you do that, you will notice that the dark circles around your eyes have considerably reduced!

    Step 3: Build your base

    Use a full coverage foundation like the Blend & Shine Foundation by FLiCKA to give you the best effect. Use your hand to apply the product and blend with a damp Beauty Blender. This makes sure to give you a dense coverage which helps hide those dark circles.

    Step 4:Powder to set

    Lighty press DUST IT OFF loose powder by FLiCKA under your eye to avoid creasing. This will lock your base and mask the shine with its weightless mattifying formula to keep your look stunningly fresh throughout the day. Tip: Make sure you don’t apply too much powder as that can lead to your under-eye area drying out causing it to the crease.