Dip & Twist Enamel Remover

Dip & Twist Enamel Remover

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Introducing FLiCKA Dip and Twist enamel remover the no-mess travel-friendly nail paint remover. Now you don’t need to search for a cotton ball or makeup remover pad to remove your nail paint. It has acetone and paraben-free formula so you don’t need to worry about nail destroying, drying nails, chipping or any damage. FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover are infused with Vitamin E and other natural oils so it is just you and your hydrated, nourished and moisturized nails. Dip and Twist remove nail paints easily without harming your nails. FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover in five fragrances, this will get your nails your desired smell.

  • Peach Fresh- A very popular fruit note – Peach fresh is one of the amazing choices. Clean your nails with a more or less juicy fragrance of peace. With the extraordinary sweet smell of peach, you can remove all the traces of past polish. FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover will remove the nail paint in just a few seconds and will dry easily and leave the peach fresh fragrance behind.
  • Strawberry Fresh- Get the freshness of strawberry on your figure tips. FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover will not only remove the nail paint but also give a fruity fragrance.
  • Tempting Chocolate- For all the chocolate lovers the FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover chocolate fragrance is here. Clean your nails in a few seconds with a chocolate scent on your fingers. Get rid of all the tough nail paint with FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover.
  • Vanilla Rose- Get sweet, sharp, floral fragrance of Vanilla Rose with FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover. Simple to use and easy to implement nail paint remover will give a cozy and comfortable fragrance. Vanilla Rose is the most desired FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover to get the pure smell.
  • Femme Boss- Be feminine with Femme Boss. Get the fresh and minty fragrance on your fingertip. Removes each and every stain of nail paint with just a 2-3 twist. Don’t worry, your nails will not get damaged or affected with FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover with Femme boss fragrance you will end up having that just bathed fragrance just in a few seconds.
How to apply
  • Step -1: When you will open the lid of the container you can see a gap in the foam
  • Step -2: Insert your finger with nail paint
  • Step – 3: When your finger is inside the container give it a twist
  • And you will get rid of nail paint stain from your nails
Key Features
  • Acetone free formula
  • Free from parabens and phthalates
  • No-mess nail paint remover
  • Travel friendly, no need to carry cotton balls or makeup remover pad
  • FLiCKA Dip and Twist Enamel Remover will not destroy, dry, chip or create any damage to your nails
  • Enrich with Vitamin E and natural oil
  • Available in five different fragrances

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