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Lash it Out Eyes Mascara

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This FLiCKA's Lash it Out Eyes Mascara has a superior curl-locking mechanism that holds your dramatic lashes for long.

This product will last you a year, but it completely depends on your personal usage

This mascara easily comes off with any good makeup remover.

Waterproof mascara's don't come off easily using water alone, they're best removed using a makeup remover.

FLiCKA's Lash it Out Eyes Mascara lasts for 18 hours.

The FLiCKA's Lash it Out Eyes Mascara creates full-body, high-volume lashes in a single stroke and gives a bold look to the eyes.

FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes Mascara will give you instant thickness to your lashes. It will give your lashes the desired length and volume. FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes Mascara will add a darker color to your lashes and will draw attention to the eyes. This mascara will create a defined look for your eyes. Its creamy texture will glide easily and will create a fluttery effect. FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes Mascara wands will separate and coat each lash perfectly. FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes Mascara is lightweight so you can wear it and flaunt your beautiful eyes without even feeling the weight on your eyes. Get that amazing curve with the jet black color and long-wearing formula. Don’t worry about the mess of Mascara. FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes mascara is smug proof and waterproof. Now you can drive eyes on you with your eyes. Benefits: • Lightweight • Natural-looking volumes • Gives perfect curves • Jet black long-wearing formula • Waterproof • Smug proof How to apply Step – 1 Apply FLiCKA Breathtaking Eye Kajal on your upper lashes to create the dense look on your eyes Step – 2 Use ‘Lash Curler’ to curl up your lashes. It is very important if you have a little bit shorter or little straighter lashes this will make your lashes more defined. Step – 3 Use FLiCKA Lash it Out Eyes Mascara and take the wand as close as possible towards the roots of the lashes Step – 4 Slowly wiggle your wand in the upward direction and at the same time close your eyes slowly. Try to separate the lashes while doing so. Step -5 Last step. Create the second layer. This will give the desired curl to your lashes and the required finishing touch. And you are ready to flaunt your eyes on any occasion