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Neat & Clean Nail Remover

Rs. 79.00

Benefits • Time friendly • Non-messy • Protect your nails against damage and chipping • Your nails will not get destroyed or dried as this nail remover is acetone-free • No harmful chemical • Enrich with Aloevera and Vitamin E • Will hydrate your nails and will not whiten your nails How to use: Step -1 Take a few drops of FLiCKA Neat and Clean Nail Remover on a cotton ball or makeup remover pad Step – 2 Wipe off the color nail paint with a cotton ball or makeup remover pad for a few seconds Step – 3 Gentle wipe of excessing nail paint remover and voila, your nails are free from nail paint without damaging your nails.

Commonly asked questions

Tinted nails can be caused by a number of issues- infection, allergic reaction, food or nail paint stains. In any case, this product is an acetone-free remover that gets off nail paint, and however, would not work to cure tinted nails.

This product does not help in thinning dried nail paints.

This nail enamel remover is acetone free with moisturizing effect and it has a mild fresh fragrance.


This product is Acetone free, which is enriched with Vitamin E and does not dry out your nails.

FLiCKA Neat and Clean Nail Remover are definitely a must-have for nail remover is a time friendly and non-messy effective solution to remover your nail paint. It strengthens and protects the nails against damage and chipping. You don’t have to worry about nail destroying, dry nails and acetone soaking as FLiCKA Neat and Clean Nail Remover is acetone-free. This will help you to get rid of the toughest colors easily. No harmful chemical is involved in fact it is enriched with the goodness of Aloevera and Vitamin E that will hydrate your nail as you clean your nails. FLiCKA Neat and Clean Nail Remover will not leave any stain behind.